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Hospitals employ a variety of health professions to deliver competent, ethical and professional services. It is essential that all professions work in an integrated fashion to deliver quality patient-centred care.

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In Medicana; We provide services in more than 100 branches with 13 hospitals. As an international hospital; we always provide service to our domestic and international patients.


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4 Steps to a Successful Hair Transplant

Evaluate hair loss location and extent of loss

By understanding how much hair has been lost, the doctor will have a good idea of how much hair will need to be grafted, where it should be implanted, and how many procedures may be necessary.

Decide on best strategy for grafting

Depending on the the extent of hair loss and the patient’s personal preferences, the doctor will choose the most appropriate grafting procedure.

Demark the area that will receive the hair transplants

This important stage is where the new hairline is “designed” with input from the patient and with the experience of the surgeon. The area that will receive the grafts is drawn for reference during the transplantation process.

Numbing medication and a Mild sedative is given

No general anesthesia is necessary during the procedure – only numbing medication (local anesthesia) is administered to the patient, similar to what is used by dentists. A mild oral sedative can be provided to help calm the patient if needed.

Hair grafts are cleaned and disinfected

A clean and disinfected area makes it easier to safely extract the grafts.
Grafts are extracted via two different methods:
Strip method
A strip of skin with healthy follicles is surgically removed from a concealable area, usually the back of the head.
The incision is painlessly closed with sutures or staples.
FUE method
Groupings of follicles are removed by punching small holes in the surface of the donor scalp.
These shallow punch holes are distributed evenly across the donor area leaving tiny scars.

Grafts are prepared under microscopes to become “follicular units” that are ready for implantation.

Each follicular unit contains a group of 1 to 4 healthy, living follicles.

Hundreds or thousands of these follicular units are implanted in the demarcated area.



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We are always ready for you as Medicana Health Point with our expert staff and professional team. Today, Medicana Health Group, which carries on its activities especially in Istanbul and Ankara, constantly provides the most advanced healthcare services in all aspects of health in Konya, Samsun, Sivas and Bursa through its 13 hospitals and 6500 employees on average.
medicana Chief Physician oğuzhan cücü
medicana hair roots

Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Oğuzhan Cücü

chief physician - hair transplant

medicana plastik cerrahi engin yücel
pilastic surgery

Op.Dr. Ergin Yücel

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

medicana düzgün korkmaz

Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Düzgün Korkmaz


medicana doktor tolga akman
medicana uroloji

Prof.Dr. Tolga Akman


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Nicolas Reyner

"The services and qualities were according to what they sent me on WhatsApp. The doctor was a very nice man and translator was such a helpful young man. "

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Layeba Mendoza

"I came there for hair transplant, ı am happy with result, they check the head photos regularly. postpurchase service is perfect"

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Kevin Calson

"cant say how happy I am from Medicana, Almost everything was considered by their support team. he only bothering problem was finding the transfer in my arrival at the airport."


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