Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgical treatment of all types of heart disease from birth to advanced age is performed successfully. These include congenital heart diseases, all types of coronary by-pass surgery, heart valve repair or artificial valve replacement surgeries, heart tumor operations and aneurysm, dissection operations.

In addition, the isolation of the carotid veins and the solution of this surgery in the same session with by-pass is also successfully applied.Diabetic foot and peripheral artery disease resulting in leg gangrene, the treatment of leg vascular blockages called both surgical and angiographic methods are performed.

What is heart failure?

The heart is a vital organ that provides blood circulation in the body.
Oxygen-poor blood returning from the body to the heart is sent to the lungs by the right ventricle of the heart. Oxygenated blood in the lungs returns to the left ventricle of the heart, where it is pumped throughout the body.
Heart failure occurs when the right, left or both ventricles of the heart fail to function.

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