Dental Health





In our clinic, equipped with our expert dentists and modern devices, advanced technology is being used under the conditions of sterilization and disinfection provided meticulously. Scientific and technological developments, both domestic and abroad are being constantly followed. In the treatment of complicated and advanced cases, treatment of our patients is completed in team integrity by providing consultation facility. Today's practices are aimed to give a beautiful smile, not only in oral and dental health but also in aesthetics.
Everyone deserves to have a beautiful look and a nice smile. Today, for this purpose, there are many alternative and modern treatment approaches in order to eliminate the missing teeth and to make the existing teeth perfect.

Metal-free crown bridges (full-seramic coating)
Porcelain laminate coatings
Aesthetic composite fillings in tooth color (beam fillings)
Teeth whitening and polishing (bleaching)
Smile Designing


Orthodontic treatment offers aesthetic wire and bracket options. As applied to children and young people, contrary to what is believed to be done to adults. The orthodontic examinations of the children in the developmental period, enable to detects and fix jaw development and teething problems can be occured in the future. As in every medical branch, early diagnosis has a great importance in orthodontics.


Gingival diseases and inflammations causes many health problems such as gum bleeding and bad breath smell. If the inflammation occures and gone bad, jaw bone may melt and the teeth can be lost. Regular care of the gums, treatment of reddened gums and advanced gingivitis, and intervention in the inflamed areas are important for the success of the treatment.

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