Face – Neck Lift

Lines and wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, these can change our appearance as we age. These effects can be much earlier for the people who exposed to sunlight. A face and neck lift should look natural and correct your youthful appearance.

Most of the time, around the age of 50, facial skin begins to be “abundant”. That partial excess skin causes wrinkles . This surgery is to get rid of excess skin and tighten it.

Face lift surgery has been performed for almost a hundred years and is therefore referred to as “classical” surgery. But there have been some innovations in this operation over the last decade.

What happens in this surgery?

Basically the excess skin is cut on the cheek by making a cut at the border where the ear joins with the cheek. This surgery treats the sagging of the neck very well.

Who is this surgery suitable for?

The limit for this surgery is usually 50 years. The vast majority of people over the age of 50 benefit from this surgery. Only people with wrinkled and sagged skin can have this surgery at an earlier age.

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