FUE Hair Transplant

Hair is pioneering accessory that decorates how we look. People have lost hair due to many reasons for many years. Some people preferred wig and hair prostheses to hide this problem, while others grew hair to cover bald zones of scalp. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) was the first hair transplant technique that was developed to address this problem. Next, it was replaced by FUE technique that is characterized by both ease of application and patient comfort.

Briefly, the bald zone is assessed that requires hair transplant and next, hair is cut. The donor site is only numbed. Hair follicles that are cylindrical in configuration, along with a piece of epithelial tissue, are harvested at growth direction of hair using punches, measuring 0.9 mm or below, from the donor site (posterior scalp between two ears). Next, channels are drilled in number equal to number of grafts in the recipient site in order to insert grafts. Grafts are placed one by one into these channels. Thus, the procedure is completed.

The donor site at the back of head is closed with wound dressing, after antibiotic pomade is applied. Wound dressing is opened one day later and hair is washed 3 days after the procedure. Success of the procedure is dependent to the team by 50% and compliance to instructions for hair care after transplant by 50 percent.
Operation requires extra care for patients with history of drug allergy, cardiovascular disease and regular treatment for certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus.

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