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Get Rid Of Prostate With Laser Method

The prostate is a male gland located below the bladder, the size of a chestnut. It passes through the urinary tract. It develops after the age of puberty , it provides a portion of semen in adult men, and the semen channel opens up through the prostate to the urinary tract.

In some men after the age of 40-50, a new tissue begins to grow around the urinary tract passing through the prostate, and the urine that passes through it compresses the urinary tract. This tissue that grows later is called "adenoma", not cancer. The adenoma turns to the patient's principal prostate into a capsule, pushing it outward.
The prostate gland is located in the lower part of the urinary tract. The bladder becomes trabeculated, which means it becomes indented. In the advanced stage, pits and diverticules are formed and kidneys may deteriorate. If the patient cannot urinate, a catheter should be placed.

Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement;

Poor urination,
Night urination,
Frequent urination,
Waiting to urinate,
Inability to fully drain urine

Does it have a detrimental effect on sexuality?

The depth at which the Holmium laser acts on the tissue is 0.4 mm. It is not possible for this laser to cross the 6-7 mm thick capsule and damage the nerves.

Can large prostates also be operated by Holep method?

Prostates up to 80 ml, 100 mg, 150 mg, even 300 ml can be applied to any size prostate.

Does urinary incontinence occur after Holep surgery?

Among the prostate surgeries, HOLEP surgery is the best way to protect the muscles that hold urine called sphincter. The muscles that hold urine are seen very well, well approached, very well protected. However, if the sphincter holding urine is seen lazy before surgery, temporary drips of urine may be seen in some patients. Persistent urinary incontinence is not observed.

Will the semen keep coming after surgery?

In all types of surgery, such as TUR, Plasmacinetic or Greenlight surgeries, semen goes into the bladder because the bladder is open, then it is excreted with urine. This is called retrograde ejeculation and has no harm on the patient's health.

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