Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

With an active Human Resources structure open to continuous improvement, proactive and strategic decisions, to maximize the knowledge, skills and motivation levels of Medicana Healthpoint‘s young and dynamic staff, by improving the quality and customer-oriented service / products offered to our customers day by day, We aim to increase work efficiency.

We select Medicana Healthpoint employees from candidates focused on success. With our various job opportunities, we open the doors of the right career for educated, open to development, creative new graduates and experienced employees. The common success awareness and activities that improve employee satisfaction are the values added to our employees by the Human Resources Department as other elements that complement the quality service offered to our customers.


Employees participate in relevant training programs for increasing their knowledge and skill levels and career plans. Regarding the duties of the employees; They are provided with domestic and international in-class or individual training and on-the-job training.

Career Management

Every employee who is successful at Medicana Healthpoint has the chance to be promoted to the highest level as long as they continue their success. As an institution that aims to train its own manager, all of our employees are informed about the horizontal and vertical career opportunities within the company. In addition, all employees can examine the level of knowledge-skill and competencies required to achieve their career goals by examining the horizontal and vertical career maps drawn for them through internal communication channels.