Medicana Avcılar Hospital was established in 1995 in order to provide quality health services to Avcılar and its region. 6331 square meters of indoor space with all the current needs and technologies with full-service quality service.

Medicana Health Group has announced the name of an important investment in the health sector and is located in Turkey's top 500 companies ranking. The medicana health group continues to be a pioneer in the health sector and continues to grow with national and international investments. Medicana Avcılar Hospital is one of the 13 hospitals in the Medicana Health Group which brings world-class health services to our country with its experienced health management skills.

As with all Medicana Hospitals, all patient records and other medical data are tracked with advanced computer systems and software in Medicana Hunters.

Location Our hospital, which serves Avcılar and its region, is in a central location close to Metrobus, buses, and minibusses, which are easy to reach to Atatürk Airport. Ataturk Airport is 12 km away.

Health Tourism

Cardiology, Obstetrics, General Surgery, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, ophthalmic, Dietician, Urology, Chest Diseases, Neurology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, pediatry, Hair Transplantation, Medical Aesthetics and sleep laboratory departments come to the fore. We are at the service of our international patients from abroad.

Hospitality Services

-single room
-suite rooms
- television
- air conditioning
- prayer room
- room service

Available Bed Numbers

Total number of beds is 63
- 3 Operating rooms
- 20 Intensive Care Unit
- 12 Incubator Neonatal Intensive Care
- 2 Sleep Laboratory
- 44 Hemodialysis

Technological Opportunities

-magnetic resonance (MR)
-computerized tomography
-ultrasonography (usg)
-sleep laboratory