A Brand New Facility That Will Turn Bursa into a Health City

Medicana Bursa Hospital

Medicana Health Group, which has made its name with important investments in the healthcare sector and took place among the best 500 firms of Turkey, continues to maintain its leadership and grow in the healthcare sector with local and international investments. Bringing the world-standard healthcare services to our country with its experienced healthcare business skills, Medicana Health Group is opening the biggest hospital of Southern Marmara region in Bursa.

Medicana Health Group is preparing to present Medicana Bursa Hospital to the residents of Bursa as its 13th hospital and aims to meet all healthcare needs of the region thanks to its modern technology and technical equipment.

Reference Hospital of the Region

Aiming to be the center of attraction not only for Bursa but also for the nearby cities with its specialist staff, modern technology and advanced technical infrastructure, Medicana Bursa brings a breath of fresh air to its region with healthcare service gathering all branches under a single roof.

Medicana Bursa Hospital was constructed to have an indoor area of 40 thousand square meters with smart building features and it has all medical branches and multidisciplinary medical areas. It puts the council applications and contemporary scientific developments into practice and provides fully-equipped healthcare solutions for its guests.

Patient Safety Comes First…

As in all the hospitals within Medicana Health Group, Medicana Bursa Hospital adopts a patient-oriented service approach and offers maximum comfort and quality in the treatment options. It accepts patients’ rights, security and needs as a priority. It aims to provide continuous, evidence-based, updated and high-quality healthcare services by taking the developments and ethical principles into consideration.

It shares its experience on providing healthcare services with the same quality round the clock, high-level patient comfort and care quality with the residents of Bursa.

Medicana Bursa Hospital is located to be the first hospital that patients in Bursa will present for many health problems thanks to its location in the city center and close distance to arterial roads and rail systems. The hospital is being planned considering emergency cases in accordance with its central location and is prepared to provide correct, effective and fast solutions.

Pioneer and innovator

Medicana Bursa Hospital, not only provides services in its neighborhood area, but also aims to be the new center of attraction by means of treatments for international patients in Bursa, as it is in other hospitals of the group.

Medicana Health Group has begun its journey aiming to be a global brand with its innovator and pioneer structure in the sector and is excited to make everyone experience its difference as a privately-owned hospital with all the advantages of a qualified university hospital also in Medicana Bursa Hospital thanks to the presence of respected academicians of Turkish medical community and international accreditation standards.

Has a voice in all branches

As the largest and newest hospital of Bursa and Medicana Health Group, Medicana Bursa Hospital will cover all medical branches from organ transplantation to cardiac surgery, advanced cancer surgery, radiation oncology and obesity surgery.

It will meet an important and vital need as a facility with all medical branches.  Moreover, it will present a fully-equipped healthcare service structure to its patients with both acute care services and related departments for chronic health problems.

Large scale, high capacity and accessible healthcare service

Medicana Bursa Hospital, which will provide a 5-star hotel comfort to its patients and their relatives with 300 patient beds, will provide effective solutions for problems experienced in intensive care units with general intensive care (reanimation), cardiovascular surgery, coronary and neonatal intensive care units.

Cinema and conference hall with medical explanations that patients and relatives can use round the clock, cafeteria and rest areas, game and hobby sections for children as well as a dining room specially designed for 1000 employees, terrace rest area, training and conference hall are available.

The hospital will not only meet a serious need as a privately-owned hospital with the highest capacity of strategic beds in the region with its operating theatres where any operation can be performed, neonatal intensive care, adult and coronary intensive care, Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care units, but it will also provide the public with services in challenging and specific medical branches with Bone Marrow and Pediatric Hemato-oncology Unit.

Infrastructure with cutting-edge technology

The hospital will be one of the privately-owned hospitals with the newest and most modern Medical Device equipment in the region including Excimer laser in Ophthalmology, MRI and CT in Radiology, Linac and Tomo Therapy in Radiation Oncology, PET-CT in Nuclear Medicine, Angiography Devices in Interventional Radiology.

Comprehensive solution for the need of emergency room in Bursa

The hospital has a service infrastructure to meet the demand of emergency healthcare service thanks to its location close to the most important transportation ways and districts that developed most rapidly in the recent years. Access to the Emergency Room can also be done with the shortest and easiest way within the whole structure. Intervention rooms with every kind of modern equipment for emergency interventions and reanimation procedures for the patients presenting with an heart attack, injury or trauma are available along observation beds for patients in critical situations that require close monitoring.

Medicana Bursa Hospital

    • check-mark-1100 million dollars investment value
    • check-mark-1Indoor area of 40,000 square meters
    • check-mark-122-storey building with smart technology
    • check-mark-1Capacity of 300 beds consisting of 100 intensive care beds and 200 single rooms at room comfort
    • check-mark-11000 employees including academic physician staff
    • check-mark-1Newest and most modern medical device equipment in radiation oncology
    • check-mark-1Operating rooms available for every kind of surgery
    • check-mark-1Neonatal, adult coronary intensive care units
    • check-mark-1Oncologic treatment units
    • check-mark-1Opportunity of service in specific medical fields with Bone Marrow and Pediatric Hemato-Oncology units
    • check-mark-1Cinema and conference hall, cafeteria and rest areas for patients’ relatives

Working Time

  • clockMon-Thu Open 24 hours
    Friday Open 24 hours
    Saturday Open 24 hours

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