Medicana International Ankara Hospital has started to serve with 20.000 square meter closed area in 2008, in order to provide modern and high-quality health services to Ankara and surrounding provinces. Medicana Health Group, who announced it’s name with important investment in the health sector and Turkey’s first ranking of 500 companies located, is still continue its leadership in the health sector and grow with national and international investment.

Medicana International Ankara Hospital, which is one of 14 Hospital of Medicana Health Group which brings world-class health services to our country with its experienced health management ability, serves the whole world. All infrastructure is available for service delivery with international patient care standards, state-of-the-art device park and a wide academic staff. It provides services with modern diagnosis and treatment units with advanced medical technologies.


Ankara International Ankara Hospital is located in a central location, in front of all the city buses, with easy access to Esenboğa Airport. The intercity bus terminal is 1.6 km, the train station is 4.7 km, the Esenboğa airport is 28 km, the city center is 4.8 km.

Health Tourism

Medicana International Ankara Hospital; with its technological infrastructure, expert staff and modern building, it is expected to be the center of attraction, not only in Ankara and surrounding cities but also the Middle East, Balkans and Caucasia. Medicana International Ankara Hospital is expected to bring vitality to health tourism in Ankara with its advanced service quality. Medicana International Ankara Hospital is come into prominence in the field of health tourism, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, IVF, organ and tissue transplantation, eye, dental, plastic surgery and medical oncology departments.

First Patient Safety

Medicana International Ankara Hospital, which adopts a patient-oriented service concept as in all hospitals of Medicana Health Group, offers maximum comfort and quality in treatment facilities. It considers patient rights, safety and needs as priorities. Paying regard to the developments and ethical values, it aims to provide highly qualified health services based on evidence and actuality without interruption.

Contemporary Service in Every Branch

Medicana International Ankara Hospital, which is positioned as a general purpose hospital, provides medical services in every branch of medicine 24/7. The location of the hospital, which is designed with an understanding of the patient’s safety and comfort come first and the health needs of the region are taken into consideration and the facilities offered by the hospital to the people of the region, is noteworthy.

Hospitality Servicesarrow-point-to-right-1

    • check-mark-1Single Rooms
    • check-mark-1Suite Rooms
    • check-mark-1Television
    • check-mark-1Air Conditioning
    • check-mark-1Worship Room
    • check-mark-1Room Service
    • check-mark-1Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy Services

    • check-mark-1Active bed number in total: 208
    • check-mark-1General Intensive Care Unit: 10
    • check-mark-1Coronary Intensive Care Unit: 4
    • check-mark-1Neonatal-Newborn Intensive Care Unit: 10
    • check-mark-1KVC (Cardio Vascular Surgery) Intensive Care Unit: 9
    • check-mark-1Number of observation beds: 32

    • check-mark-1Cyberknife
    • check-mark-1Intraoperative Radiotherapy
    • check-mark-1IMRT Radiotheraphy
    • check-mark-1PET-CT
    • check-mark-1MR
    • check-mark-1CT
    • check-mark-1ERCP
    • check-mark-1ESWL
    • check-mark-1Computed tomography (CT)
    • check-mark-1Angiography Lab
    • check-mark-1Holmium lazer
    • check-mark-14D Ultrasonography
    • check-mark-1Detailed Usg
    • check-mark-1Colour Doppler
    • check-mark-1Mammography
    • check-mark-1Digital X-Ray
    • check-mark-1HSG
    • check-mark-1Scopy
    • check-mark-1Bone Densitometry
    • check-mark-1EEG-EMG
    • check-mark-1PET-CT/BT
    • check-mark-1Endoscopy – Colonoscopy – Rectoscopy – Bronchoscopy
    • check-mark-1Vitrectomy
    • check-mark-1Gold Needle Radiofrequency
    • check-mark-1Organ Transplantation (Kidney and Liver Transplantation)
    • check-mark-1Bone Marrow Transplantation (SEE)
    • check-mark-1Advanced Radiotherapy, Interventional Radiology
    • check-mark-1Robotic Kidney Stone Surgery
    • check-mark-1Emergency
    • check-mark-1Mouth and Dental Health
    • check-mark-1Anesthesia and Reanimation
    • check-mark-1Nutrition and Dietetics
    • check-mark-1Brain and Nerve Surgery
    • check-mark-1Check-up
    • check-mark-1Child Allergy
    • check-mark-1Pediatric Surgery
    • check-mark-1Child Endocrinology
    • check-mark-1Children’s Gastroenterology
    • check-mark-1Child Development Consultant
    • check-mark-1Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
    • check-mark-1Pediatric Cardiology
    • check-mark-1Child Nephrology
    • check-mark-1Child Neurology
    • check-mark-1Child Rheumatology
    • check-mark-1Child Health and Diseases
    • check-mark-1Dermatology
    • check-mark-1Hand Surgery and Micro Surgery
    • check-mark-1Endocrinology
    • check-mark-1Infectious Diseases
    • check-mark-1Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (FTR)
    • check-mark-1Gastroenterology
    • check-mark-1General Surgery
    • check-mark-1Thoracic Surgery
    • check-mark-1Chest Diseases
    • check-mark-1Eye diseases
    • check-mark-1Hematology
    • check-mark-1Internal diseases
    • check-mark-1Gynecology and Obstetrics
    • check-mark-1Cardiac surgery
    • check-mark-1Cardiology
    • check-mark-1Bone marrow
    • check-mark-1Ear Nose Throat
    • check-mark-1Laboratory
    • check-mark-1Medical Oncology
    • check-mark-1Microbiology
    • check-mark-1Nephrology
    • check-mark-1Neurology
    • check-mark-1Nuclear medicine
    • check-mark-1Spine Surgery
    • check-mark-1Organ transplant
    • check-mark-1Orthopedicsv
    • check-mark-1Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
    • check-mark-1Psychiatry
    • check-mark-1Psychology
    • check-mark-1Radiation oncology
    • check-mark-1Radiology
    • check-mark-1The Rheumatology
    • check-mark-1IVF
    • check-mark-1Urology
    • check-mark-1Neonatal (Newborn) Intensive Care

Working Time

  • clockMon-Thu Open 24 hours
    Friday Open 24 hours
    Saturday Open 24 hours

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