Medicana Hospital Konya is one of the largest hospitals in Central Anatolia with a total area of 35 thousand m2. It has an important role in health tourism with its advanced medical facilities, wide academic staff and latest technological devices.

In 2015, Hospital Konya has signed an affiliation agreement with KTO Karatay University Faculty of Medicine. Konya Hospital is the most comprehensive private hospital in the region with intensive care and bed capacity.

Medicana Hospital Konya has 117 rooms, 223 beds , and 19 departments in its structure. It is a healthcare institution that provides services with 78 physicians in all medical branches, as of 2019.

It has become a reference hospital in Ankara, Istanbul, Istanbul on Medical Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, ENT, Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Brain and Spine Surgery, Obstetrics, General Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. MEDICANA IVF CENTER has been in service since 2013, and Medical Oncology since September 2014.

It provides all procedures with current world-class medical treatments and advanced technology medical devices.

Closed area 28.834 m2, Total Area 35.000 m2

Bed Capacity:223

Intensive Care Bed Capacities

General Intensive Care : 49
KVC Intensive Care : 7
Coronary Intensive Care : 9
Neonatal Intensive Care : 41

Specialist - Academic Staff

Expert Staff: 27, Academic Staff: 39, 9 General Practitioners, 2 Dieticians, 1 Psychologist