Medicana Hair Transplantation: Will my hair look natural?

One of the major concerns of both men and women who are considering Medicana hair transplantation is whether the results will look natural in the long run. Will there be a dense natural look like my own hair? Yes, hair transplantation will change your look completely and you will have your old hair back.

First, our Medicana hair transplantation doctor determines the compatible hairline for the patient. Creation of a natural hairline is one of the most important element.

At Medicana hair transplantation is performed using the most developed techniques such as FUE  and it is possible now to remove much smaller hair grafts and lead more natural-looking results. It is also possible to perform hair transplantation using sapphire blades, that stimulates the collagen in the skin cells, which plays a crucial role in the healing process as well as inducing hair growth, and consequently leading even more natural and dense results.

With the skill and experience of hair transplant doctor and team, combined with the most developed technologies, the results of hair transplantation procedure can look so natural that it may appear as though you never lost your hair at all.

Older hair transplantation techniques often removed large strips of skin with healthy hair follicles from the donor area of the head and relocated them to the areas of baldness. Because these strips had a high amount of individual hairs attached to them, results could look less natural.

However, with advanced techniques such as FUE, you can remove much smaller hair grafts that contain as few as one to four follicles, achieving a more natural-looking result.

The process has become more rigorous and precise, which can make the effects more realistic when performed by a skilled hair transplant team.

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