Hair mesotherapy injecting various vitamins and minerals that are needed by hair and drugs that boost blood circulation at small doses. Mesotherapy is an adjuvant method that aims to stop or control hair loss. Lexical meaning of mesotherapy is a treatment that is injected to mid layer of dermis. Treatment is based on instilling small amount of active substance. This method is used for face and scalp. Since the missing substances are directly instilled to hair follicle in small doses, it is expected to see results within a short time in mesotherapy. Hair mesotherapy can be applied regionally; cellular metabolism is stimulated at the target site and hair loss is stopped, quality of existing hair is increased and hair growth is activated.

Mesotherapy can help hair losses that are caused by stress or metabolic disease or seasonal in nature or sudden-onset hair loss following pregnancy. The procedure takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Treatment is given in eight sessions at one-week intervals depending on severity of hair loss. One cycle include administering mesotherapy once a week in first 5 sessions and once every 15 days in last 4 sessions. If further therapy is required, it can be repeated once every 15 days or a month in last 2 sessions. Intended results can be seen 5 to 7 sessions later. Two months should elapse to see preliminary results.
Each tissue benefits vitamins that boost oxygen supply and stop aging. Hair follicles respond to vitamins that are directly injected to the scalp by growing hair and increasing diameter of the growing hair.

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