Mouth and Dental Health


Patients are informed about methods of correcting and maintaining oral hygiene. Dental stone cleaning, curettage, root resurfacing applications are performed. In addition, precision prostheses, total and skeletal prosthesis studies are performed.

The symptoms of gum disease are listed as follows, and people with these symptoms should contact the Periodontology unit:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Flushing and swelling of the gums
  • Shaking of teeth, elongation
  • Inflammation between the teeth and gums
  • Displacement of teeth
  • Gingival recession and the sensitivity seen on the root surfaces exposed accordingly
  • Bad smell and taste in the mouth
  • Black areas caused by Tartar between the teeth or on the edges of the gum


Fat can be taken from anywhere. But certain places are very suitable for this surgery, but in some places they are not suitable at all.


Canal treatments are carried out.

Endodontics unit is responsible for the treatment of the problem of loss of vitality of the teeth as a result of damage to pulp tissue where nerve and vascular packages are located in the teeth. If treatment is neglected, health problems such as tooth loss and lesions in the roots of the teeth may occur.


Oral and dental health problems seen in childhood are treated in the pedodontics unit. This unit accepts patients between the ages of 0-15. All milk tooth fillings, protective document cover treatment and fluoride treatment.


Distortion of teeth, mismatches of the lower and upper jaws, and disorders seen in the teeth during mouth closing are included in the field of orthodontics unit. These types of disorders seen in teeth can both disrupt the aesthetics of the external appearance and invite problems such as chewing problems. Orthodontic treatment, popularly known as wire treatment, is used in these and similar oral and dental health diseases.

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