According to the data of World Health Organization, smoking and obesity are the leading preventable deaths. With genetic disorders or unhealthy nutrition, many people in the world are struggling with obesity. According to the surveys, obesity in the world shows 38.2% of the population of the United States and 22.3% of the population in our country.

How is obesity treated?

Obesity disease caused by excessive fat storage in the body is a disease in which the person cannot lose weight in his / her own efforts. What should be done by the way? First of all, the patient should consult with metabolic surgery specialists. Surgical intervention can be used in a direction where there is no navigation. Surgical procedure, also known as tube gastric surgery is taken up to 80 percent of the stomach operation. An average of 1 to 1.5 hours of operation is performed with a closed-loop method. The surgical aspect of the work is the shortest period. However, the important thing is the attitude towards the target after the operation and the effort to get rid of this disease.

Changing the lifestyle is important in the treatment of Obesity

Before the operation, the patient's ideal weight should be determined. And there is a long and difficult way until you reach that weight. In this journey, he has to give up a lot of habits that she/he acquired in his previous life without surgery. The healthy diet plan determined by the dietitians should be matched to the body. During this period when eating habits have changed completely, there should be sports and walking among the daily activities. However, weight loss starts when more calories are consumed daily. Therefore, the ideal way to reach the weight of living and healthy lifestyle is to adopt. Obesity is among the preventable deaths as we mentioned at the beginning. As such, it is in the patient's hand to get rid of a deadly disease that can be treated. With the determination and diligence to be shown, it is possible not only to prevent obesity but also to prevent many deadly diseases.

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