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Hair loss and other disorders of scalp have certain underlying causes. Capillary vessels supply necessary nutrients and other substances to hair follicles through bloodstream. Our blood is a viable fluid that moves continuously. This fluid is composed of two principal components. These are plasma and blood cells. Today, there are many factors, unfortunately, that hinder supply of nutrients to hair follicles. Pioneering personal factors are genetics, circulatory disorders and aging, while environmental factors include smoking, unhealthy eating and cosmetic products.

An average human has 5 to 6 liters of blood in body. Plasma accounts for 50-60% of blood. Remaining 40 to 50 percent is formed by blood cells. Basically, blood contains three types of cells; erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells) and platelets (cells responsible for coagulation). Platelets are smallest nucleus-free cells of blood. Their principal duty is to form blood clots; in other words, platelets found in blood discharging through a laceration generates a protective layer that stops bleeding. This layer also plays an important role in wound healing.

New tissues grow with the help of platelet functions.

When the crust detaches that covers the wound, growth of new skin can be seen. This aspect of platelets is now used in many other fields of medicine. Your own blood is ready to take you back to the past. Recently, PRP therapy is used to resuscitate your almost dead hair follicles and weakened hair in order to help your hair get healthy again. PRP therapy is based on the principle of transferring regenerative substances that are available in blood of person to scalp in order to stop or eliminate hair loss that is caused by certain negative circumstances, such as circulatory disorder, aging, smoking, unhealthy eating and cosmetic products.

This regenerative and reconstructive substances that are available in blood and called growth factor are extracted and injected to scalp.
Comparing to other injection therapies, PRP therapy is far advantageous, as effects can be seen even after the first session. The foundation of this procedure is tissue regeneration. This procedure lasts 30 minutes in total, while no pain is felt or no scar is observed. After therapy is completed, the person can immediately engage in activities of daily life. It is repeated at monthly intervals for 3 months. Next, it will be repeated once a year.

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