Famous rappers from Romania are in Medicana!

Famous rap artists Daniel Mocanu and Nick Yaya whom are very well know with their popular songs all over Romania prefer Medicana Healthpoint!

Medicana Healthpoint always aims to achieve quality service and natural results in hair transplantation. By utilising the latest technology hair transplantation technique of FUE with specialist expert staff, Medicana Healthpoint has achieved the best results thanks to hygienic environment and high quality.

The recent patients of Medicana Healthpoint are the guests from Romania’s famous rap singers Daniel Mocanu and Nicky Yaya.

The famous rap singers stayed happy in Istanbul and had an 8-hour hair transplant operation. Daniel Mocanu and Nicky Yaya also visited many places in Istanbul, and expressed their satisfaction by joining many live broadcasts on Romanian social media about the operations.

Romanya'nın ünlü rapçileri Medicana'da !

Rap Artist Nick Yaya, who is one of the famous producers of Romania as well:

“We heard about Medicana Healthpoint from our colleague and friend Lucian Gheorghe. He chose Medicana Healthpoint to have hair transplantation in Turkey and he is very pleased with the results he achieved. From that moment, firstly we contacted Medicana Healthpoint via him, all the question marks in our minds have turned into happiness.

At first, Professor Dr. Oguzhan Cücü and all employees, interpreters and paramedics made a great effort for our convenience throughout the process; from accommodation to transfer, from comfort to care of the operation. Medicana makes you feel like you’re in your country with a family warmth besides a health group.

“We would like to thank all Medicana employees and administrators who have taken care of us.” in his words, he expressed his satisfaction with the hair transplantation experience he had at Medicana.

Information about the operation;

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is one of the methods which is used to solve the problem of hair loss. Technically, hair from the back of the neck has been proven to last a lifetime. The best results in hair transplantation depends on many factors. Some of them are; team experience, ethical and hygienic rules, the structure of your hair follicle.

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

Medicana Healthpoint has made many people happy with a natural and aesthetic result by using one of the most important advantages of the FUE method. This advantage is that the FUE technique provides a high number of grafts. Medicana Healthpoint is always ready to help if you want your hair to regain its old look.

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