Scoliosis Surgery

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The human spine is not completely flat when viewed from the side. There is a slight depression (lordosis) in the neck and lumbar region and a slight humpback (kyphosis) in the back region. When it is viewed from the back, it should be completely flat. Scoliosis (Curvature of the spine) refers to the right or left side of the spine.

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis may occur due to many diseases and may occur at different ages and in various parts of the spine structure. Scoliosis, which occurs in two different people for the same reason, does not correspond the same case. Scoliosis has its own treatment methods that vary according to the people.

Scoliosis is seen in 2 to 4% of the population. The majority of these are low-grade curvatures. It can be seen about 8-10 times more frequently in girls than in boys. Only 10 percent of people with curvature of the spine are in a progress to a degree that requires scoliosis. Regular exercise, strengthening the back muscles, increasing fitness and being more fit are the indispensable elements of scoliosis treatment

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