This is achieved by removing the most part of the stomach. The 'intestine' or digestive system remains intact under the stomach. It works by limiting the volume of the area to eliminate the food intake. It also removes some of the stomach cells that produce a hormone that controls hunger, so patients often don't feel hungry. This has positive effects on diabetes and often patients can discontinue postoperative medication. The operation lasts about one hour and the duration of hospital stay is 2-3 days.


The tube is simpler to the stomach, gastric bypass, and has similar onset effects on diabetes. After, you are less likely to buy vitamins.

New Eating Habits:

In the first 3 days after the operation, you will only drink water.
When you leave the hospital, you can drink non-solid grains and continue to do this for about 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks, you should eat mash-shaped pastries. This process will last for 2 weeks.
Remember that you have to change your eating habits for good. After the first month, you will be able to eat soft solid foods very slowly.

Important Notes to keep in mind:

Food must be thoroughly chewed before it is swallowed.
Do not drink and eat at the same time which will giye more space in your stomach while overfilling it. You can have liquid in half an hour after finishing a meal. Avoid high-calorie sodas and snacks. Get vitamin and mineral supplements every day. After 2 or 3 months, you can switch to normal meals. But remember, you will not eat as much as before.

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