Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the hair follicles are taken from another region to provide aesthetic appearance to the regions that are experiencing hair loss due to genetic or environmental reasons.

Who can have hair transplantation?
Any man or woman who has permanent hair loss and who does not have a disease that may endanger the health of the person during the operation, therewithal who has enough hair in donor area.
How to Understand the Person’s Eligibility for Hair Transplantation?
The person who is willing to have hair transplantation is firstly analyzed by hair and it is determined by various tests whether the hair loss is permanent or has a temporary hair loss caused by a disease. It is then decided whether the amount of hair in the donor region of the subject is sufficient for hair transplantation operation. It is also checked whether the patient has any serious illnesses by means of blood tests and whether the person is suitable for hair transplantation after hair analysis and examination.

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