Kidney Transplant

Kidney failure: due to the inability of the kidneys while doig the neccesary tasks and it does not recover for various reasons including; Accumulation of water, urea, creatinine, uric acid and other toxic class in the body. Patients need treatment such as dialysis and kidney transplantation with symptoms such as high blood pressure, shortness of breath, or nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness, weakness, loss of appetite caused by urea and other toxic substances, or risk of cardiac arrest as a result of high potassium.

Kidney Transplant

People with end-stage renal failure are not able to live without treatment. There are two treatment alternatives for these patients, dialysis and kidney transplantation. The choice of these treatment alternatives should be decided by consultation with the physician, patient and family. Dialysis is a treatment that keeps the patient alive. But no machine can perform all the functions of the natural organ. Therefore, kidney transplantation has great advantages both in terms of the duration of the patient's life and in terms of the quality of life he lives.
Patients are freed from the restrictions that limit their life, and continue their lives as healthy people who are fed freely. Their work and social life return to normal. They will now have the opportunity to allocate the long periods they spend in Treatment Centers for dialysis. They live longer. It should be emphasized that kidney transplant costs are much less than dialysis. If possible, it is best to complete the preparations and perform the surgery in a very short time before opening the fistula and starting dialysis.

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